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I have explored a variety of mediums in my artistic adventures over the years - coloured pencil, watercolours, traditional acrylics and, most recently, fluid acrylics. My gallery reflects this variety. Through it all, my goal is to provide a visual journey for the viewer into my art, offering an opportunity to experience a beautiful moment in time and escape to wherever the imagination may go. I would be happy to help you find a piece of my art that speaks to you, and provides you with your own visual and emotional journey -  just get in touch!

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Collections : Project

Fluid Acrylics

My unique abstract fluid acrylic paintings explode with colour and energy, inviting an immersive journey into their incredible details and textures.

Traditional brush acrylics

Capturing still life and landscape subjects, these works reflect the beauty of the world around us with some artistic license applied.


The creative application of pigments to paper, to suggest light and shadow, results in soothing interpretations of moments in time.

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